About us

Wheelchair88 Ltd is the most professional supplier for mobility solution like       power wheelchairs, mobility scooters, standing wheelchairs, rehabilitation products and accessories. Our offices are in Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Guangdong and Tokyo. We are capable in R&D, production, distribution and direct selling.

“Our Mission and Vision”
Using manual wheelchairs actually make users to either become very tired or dependent on other people to push them. With our deep understanding and commitment to this line of business, we only supply top quality products that have unique features, at very reasonable prices. Too good to be true, right? But here we are! We strive to help all of our customers to feel the maximum freedom and independence possible. Changing the users lifestyle and mentality in a positive manner becomes our ultimate mission.

“How we started”

Wheelchair88.comA sad wheelchair user started from my family story…..ever since my father became a stroke patient in year 2000. I started to learn about the needs of stroke patients, handicaps and the elderly. Initially, I have purchased nearly 10 different types of wheelchairs and scooters, including the expensive one-arm drive and modern sports wheelchair. I soon realized I needed to find a wheelchair that was comfortable and manageable to ensure it was going to suit his needs and positively change his lifestyle. My father was feeling a loss of freedom and independence since the stroke, but now with our lightest power wheelchair PW-999UL, his mind becomes more active while driving it daily, and it has made him much happier.

Over the years I have attended many related courses, exhibitions and conferences to understand more about wheelchair users, both physically and mentally. I have visited many factories and handicap facilities to learn about the pros and cons of different wheelchairs in different scenarios. In 2010, we started to design Foldawheel PW-999UL to near perfect, and up to international standards. We tested the unit for nearly 2 years before launching in the end of 2012.

I truly hope you enjoy this wonderful product.

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